The popularity of eSports is skyrocketing, with tournaments for everything from platform fighters to racing games to realistic 3D shooters, with fans having almost as much fun as the competitors. Sony may be upping that too, having just filed for a patent on a VR eSports headset system designed for spectators.

You can add eSports to the theme of new bars popping up around the world. But is this trend a flash in the pan, or does it have real staying power? GiN Freelancer Sophie Jackson dives into the heart of the scene in Scandinavia, talking with bar owners about their experiences catering to the gamer crowd. Grab a cold one and come on in!

Online casinos like the one run by PlayFrank must tap into a surprising amount of game technology to keep their customers entertained in an increasingly crowded field. We chatted with the team there about their skills as game designers, and how much game developer talent is really needed to run a modern online casino.