Bayonetta 3 Nudity Cover

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The game's creator has spoken.

Image is taken from the Bayonetta series

Remember the recent news we brought you about the upcoming Bayonetta 3 having a new Naïve Angel Mode, so you could have no nudity in your playthrough if you wanted to? It turns out the story isn’t over because people assumed that the inclusion of this setting was due to Nintendo putting its foot down, but it turns out that this wasn’t the case at all.

The creator of the game has had his say regarding the Bayonetta 3 nudity cover-up mode. Hideki Kamiya took to Twitter to dispute the fan theories about the new mode that covers up the titular witch. Apparently, Nintendo wanted previous versions of the witch to be even more revealing – those saucy Nintendo execs.

“I see a lot of people bring up Nintendo when discussing the nudity in Bayonetta, but during our time with the Bayonetta 1 port, Bayonetta 2, and Bayonetta 3, the only suggestion we received was regarding the Link costume in Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2, and how it should have been a little bit more revealing,” explained Kamiya’s Twitter post (which has since been translated to English.”

Kamiya went on to say:

“No bias influenced that aspect of the game, and I think players can enjoy the game without worrying that it may have been… after working with them [Nintendo] for such a long time, I get the impression that although there are times where we may butt heads, they’re surprisingly open to direct discussions around development and sales.”


— 神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya (@PG_kamiya) July 19, 2022

If that doesn’t clear everything up about the Bayonetta 3 nudity issue, then we don’t know what will so quit asking. The release of Bayonetta 3 is eagerly anticipated, with the planned date being October 28, 2022, which will arrive before you know it. Let’s hope that this upcoming game lives up to the heavy expectation when it lands on Nintendo Switch.