Overwatch Loot Boxes Set to Stop Come September

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The transition to the sequel has officially begun.

The image is taken from Overwatch

It sounds like the end of an era to us because it has been confirmed by Blizzard Entertainment that Overwatch loot boxes will cease to exist when the end of the month comes around. The decision to rid the series of these loot boxes has been well known for some time, but with this now being the last month of activity, the reality of the idea is finally settling in.

This brings a close to the multiplayer shooting game’s lengthy and controversial practice, and with the sequel fast approaching, with its October 4 release date, it was just a matter of when. In fact, why don’t you check out an Overwatch 2 trailer below to remind yourself of what to expect with this sequel?

The recent trailer for Overwatch 2

Blizzard revealed the news in a blog post as it was announcing the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event (you can find the full schedule for the event here), explaining that the loot boxes “would no longer be available for sale” when September rolls around, with the event ending on August 30. This doesn’t mean you can’t earn the free loot boxes that you will regularly see, however, every single loot box will automatically open after the launch of Overwatch 2 to ensure you get everything you’ve earned or bought.

The main thing for Blizzard to try and achieve is that its players don’t miss out on any skins or several other cosmetics before the switch to the sequel’s servers. It wasn’t that long ago that the news broke out to us all that Overwatch 2 would not include any loot boxes at all because the game will be taking on more of a seasonal battle pass model. This news might be great for a lot of people out there as the previous practice was often met with a wave of controversy.

The decision surrounding loot boxes will not come as a surprise though because several countries around the world have taken regulatory action against loot boxes, with many of the countries considering this as a form of gambling, which as we know, is not exactly a welcomed past time in a handful of the stricter countries. Plus, there is the idea that the game caters to the younger generation, and promoting something that is this close to gambling could be seen by many as morally wrong.

People were paying for these loot boxes but not knowing what will be on offer, basically gambling their money away for the allure of a surprise – you can understand where they are coming from. The UK made headlines when they refused to impose a ban on loot boxes, but the Department for Digital Culture, Media, and Sport made it clear that it’s up to the gaming companies to make sure that children cannot make in-game purchases without their parent’s consent – although, that kind of goes without saying, doesn’t it?

There you have it then, you have until the end of the month to take advantage of the Overwatch loot boxes before they are officially removed and the transition into the sequel starts.