Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII delayed

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been delayed. Square Enix today announced that the role-playing game will launch in North America on February 11, 2014, followed by a launch on February 14 in Europe.

The game was previously targeted to be released this fall. No rationale for the delay was provided.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the final entry in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. It takes place within the world of Novus Partus, which contains four islands. The game chronicles the last 13 days of the game's universe.

Gamers will control Lightning as she seeks a way to save the world from extinction. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII retains the Paradigm Shift combat system, except now players can move Lightning around the battlefield and swap weapons instantaneously.

The news comes just days before the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Square Enix will reveal the future of Final Fantasy during the show, which may include a deeper look into the previously announced Final Fantasy title for the PlayStation 4.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - E3 2013 Trailer

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